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Past Events

Markets In Focus brings together seasoned fund managers and dedicated financial advisers. Dive deep into market insights, investment strategies, and the latest financial trends. 'Markets in Focus' is your monthly resource for staying ahead in the fast-paced world of finance.

Markets In Focus | MSquared Capital | April 2024

Gain valuable insights into the robust investment opportunities offered by Msquared Capital, a leading private credit fund manager. In this session, we dive deep into the strategies and performance of our two flagship funds:

  • Msquared Income Fund: Specialising in first mortgages with a strong return of 7.91% p.a., this fund provides reliable monthly income from loans secured by real estate primarily on the eastern seaboard’s metropolitan areas.

  • Msquared High Yield Fund: Achieving a high return of 10.35% p.a., this fund includes exposure to land and construction projects, offering monthly distributions and balancing higher yield with moderated risk.

Hear from Paul Miron, co-founder and principal theorist of Msquared Capital, Paul discusses the strategic vision behind Msquared Capital, emphasising high-quality mortgage investments and risk mitigation practices that protect investor interests.

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Markets In Focus | Insignia | March 2024

Discover the Future of Financial Solutions with Insignia Financial

Join us for an exclusive session hosted by Insignia Financial, featuring industry experts Omar Fuentes and Jen McLean. Delve into the innovative offerings shaping the financial landscape as we explore the Expand platform and its transformative capabilities.

During this enlightening session, the team provided invaluable insights into Expand Essential, Insignia's pioneering mini wrap solution. Gain a deeper understanding of the diverse range of funds available, tailored to suit various investment styles.

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Markets In Focus | Challenger | February 2024

Join us for an exclusive session led by James Spiridon, Business Development Manager at Challenger, as he delves into the significance of Annuities and how they can revolutionise your approach to wealth management.

Annuities are a powerful tool in any financial advisor's toolkit, offering stability, security, and guaranteed income for your clients. In this session, James shares valuable insights on why Annuities are crucial in today's financial landscape and provide practical guidance on how to effectively engage your client with them. 

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Markets In Focus | November 2023

Chris Bedingfield addresses key aspects such as portfolio positioning, performance, sector valuation, and unique features of the Quay portfolio. Notably, two-thirds of the portfolio is dedicated to Residential, Senior Housing, and Self-Storage sectors. Bedingfield provides commentary on the Commercial Real Estate Lending Environment, shedding light on the current dynamics and potential influences on investment decisions. The emphasis on specific sectors within the portfolio reflects a strategic approach, and Bedingfield's insights provide a comprehensive overview of the factors shaping Quay's investment strategy in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

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Markets In Focus | October 2023

Please see the recording of our recent event featuring GQG Partners. In this session, we delved into the global equity outlook for the next 12 months, explored strategies for navigating higher interest rates, and uncovered GQG's unique competitive advantage. Additionally, we discussed current market opportunities and emerging trends. Access the recording to gain valuable insights that can inform your investment decisions and help you stay ahead in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

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Markets In Focus | September 2023

Richard Ivers and Mike Younger are the driving force behind the Emerging Opportunities Fund (Aus Small Caps), which has garnered accolades such as the Zenith Aussie Small Cap Of The Year award last year. Remarkably, this fund has consistently outperformed the small ordinals index for over 5 years.

During this session, you can expect:

  • An insightful economic update and market outlook.

  • A comprehensive overview of the fund's strategy, objectives, and its impressive performance to date.

  • In-depth insights into the current portfolio status and positioning.

  • An engaging Q&A session to address any questions you may have.

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