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Responding to your clients needs, RAPIDLY!

Do you have the ability to rapidly respond to your clients needs?

We are now well and truly into 2022 and anyone who has already been through the FASEA December 31 period has most likely already organised or created a solution for themselves and their advice business.

The events in recent weeks have escalated extremely quickly and global markets have been rocketed with what has unfolded in the Ukraine.

Advisers must be asking themselves if they can rapidly respond to their client needs. Do they have the discretion to move their client funds around?

If not, what value are they providing?

The Advisers role today

The adviser’s role today is to be a financial concierge, a one stop shop. At the very least they need the ability to rapidly respond to market conditions.

They also need a fluid approach to what is usually their clients largest asset – home/mortgage, are they able to structure their loans efficiently and are they able to fix their rates before they go up?

All this needs to be done with their tax affairs in mind.

Joining Lifestyle Asset Management

We provide our advisers with these sorts of resources. LAM advisers are able to assess the client objectives and needs in a more holistic way.

Your clients want guidance and solutions and they need you to be on top of your game.

Many practices now require a fundamental shift in their business model and value proposition, and we are assisting our advisers everyday make these changes.

We want you to know that you have options; you do have the ability to be that one stop shop for your client.

Please, don’t procrastinate on your decision-making. Join us on April 5th where we will be running a short webinar that will show you the value you can provide to your clients.


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